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Deliver Bliss is a customer experience blog that focuses on customer service, leadership, and word-of-mouth strategy.

There are millions of different blogs clamoring for your attention, so let me start off by thanking you for landing here. I hope you find something that helps both you and your customers; that’s why this site exists and that’s what this site delivers. If you’re passionate about customer experience, enjoy useful tips that work in real life, and maybe need a little inspiration from time to time, then I think you’ve landed in the right place. You can check out some popular posts if you’re curious where to start and subscribe to the blog.

For people that are…
  • Passionate about remarkable customer service
  • Curious about customer experience design
  • Searching for practical tips that really work
  • Looking for some inspiration
  • Willing to challenge the status quo

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About Tim


My name is Tim Sanchez and I believe that a remarkable customer experience is the ultimate form of marketing. For reference, there’s a picture of me right over there.

No, not the donkey. Very funny. Who let that jackass in here anyway?

Anyhow, thanks for checking out Deliver Bliss; I’m very excited and passionate about this site and its purpose.

What is the purpose?

Deliver Bliss is about the business of customer experience. It aims to help you understand the concept and inspire you to design and create your own remarkable customer experiences.

Why should I listen to you?

I don’t claim to be an expert (although we’ll discuss some experts’ ideas here), but I have a dedication for treating customers the right way and providing great service. I believe that leadership skills and a quest for continuous improvement will lead you to great things in your career and personal life. I hope you share that same passion and that we can learn from each other.

What else do you do?

I am the General Manager of ABIS Consulting Group, an enterprise software and consulting firm in Houston, TX. I’ve been with ABIS for seven years; during that time I’ve helped numerous small and medium-sized businesses transform and automate their processes to become more efficient and profitable.

Our clients expect a lot from our products and services. I assume yours are much the same. Consistently delivering a high-value product and managing customers’ perceptions is hard. Really hard. Especially in an industry that doesn’t have the best customer experience track record.

And yet, I still have this crazy idea that my clients should be blissfully happy with our company. Am I crazy? Maybe a little, my wife tends to think so, but that’s beside the point. The truth is that it’s possible and we can make it happen.

Can I contact you?

Of course! The best way is to send an email to tim [at] deliverbliss [dot] com. You can also use the contact form a little further down this page to send me an email. Yes, I read all of them. Yes, I reply to all of them.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sounds good, give me more!

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