Confused about Customer Experience

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Earlier this month, Zendesk released an infographic along with a post titled, “Customer Experience is More Important than Advertising.”

Since when is advertising not a part of customer experience?

It seems the Zendesk article was swapping out the terms customer service and customer experience and taking them to mean the same thing. While customer service is a big part of customer experience, the terms cannot be used synonymously.

Advertising is a part of customer experience because it’s a customer touchpoint. Advertisements are communications that directly affect customers’ expectations. Authentic advertising sets realistic expectations, while outlandish claims of grandeur often ruin the experience regardless of how good it is.

My belief is that perceived value is crucial to the customer experience. Expectations and performance are the key drivers in perceived value.

Customer Experience Value Chain

The concept of Customer Experience has come a long way in recent years, but it’s clear there’s still plenty of confusion that surrounds it.


  1. Nothing is worse than advertising that makes outlandish claims that cannot be backed up by the product or service. Great diagram illustrating how expectations are set and that transaltes into customer experience.

  2. This article might be relevant to some of your readers (hope it alright I posted this in another comment section, but it seems useful here as well). It is about how to use QR codes to help improve customer service for all parties involved.

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