20 Questions for your Customer Experience

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Here are 20 questions to keep you on your toes and push you to continually improve the customer experience.

1. Is our customer experience clearly defined?

2. What do our customers value?

3. What are we doing to set clear expectations?

4. How are we measuring performance in our core business?

5. How do we stack up to customer experience leaders?

6. How are we sharing with our customers…what’s our transparency level?

7. How are we listening to our customers? Do they feel comfortable sharing with us?

8. Will customers recommend us…and more importantly, do they? Why?

9. Why do our customers continue to do business with us?

10. Are we designing and tailoring our offerings to match market demand and customer values?

11. Which processes are working extremely well; how can we spread those?

12. Which processes are working poorly; how can we improve/eliminate those?

13. What else needs to be measured?

14. How are we rewarding great service?

15. What motivates our employees? Are we aligning that with our customer experience goals?

16. What are we learning from our promoters? Our detractors?

17. How consistent are we; how can we improve?

18. What do our customers complain about; how can we eliminate that?

19. What do our customers rave about; how can we build upon that?

20. Is our hiring process aligned with our customer experience goals?

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  1. Tim – Excellent list. I think #6 regarding transparency level is a great one that’s often overlooked. It’s a really important one to be proactive with, since nobody wants to ask that question when faced with a transparency issue brought to light in an awkward way. I hope all the CX Execs are sharpening their pencils and getting to answering these!

  2. Excellent checklist Tim! Stuck a copy of it to my office wall…
    W.r.t. #6 and Jeannie’s comment, I couldn’t agree more. Transparency is one of the most underestimated key drivers; even internal cross-departmental transparency is often an issue, let alone transparency towards customers.

  3. List like these are great tools for guiding our clients thought processes. Thanks Tim!

  4. Excellent questions that can be adopted by small businesses and entrepreneurs to make sure that interaction with every customer is a great experience. Thank you.

  5. I particularly like #14 How are we rewarding great service?
    It doesn’t take much, a little something in recognition of hard work, to motivate your staff. The little things can really help you build a dynamic customer support team.

    Great list. So much goes into making customer service great.

  6. One question I always tell my retail clients to ask is: Are you servicing your customers or are you selling your customers? The next time you think about saying something that you think will sell the customer, ask yourself the question – is what I am describing a benefit to me or a benefit to the customer? People buy benefits.

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