ThumbsUp – A Simple and Sleek Voting Plugin for Your Website

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ThumbsUp - A Simple and Sleek Voting Plugin for Your Website

After I decided which WordPress theme I was going to use to build this site, I wanted to spruce it up with some plugins that would allow my readers to interact with me and the other readers.

I began by creating a few ways to contact me, suggest new ideas, and share your own experiences, but I also wanted you to have a quick way to vote on what you read here.

I searched through the popular voting/ranking WordPress plugins and tried a couple of them out. They provided the basic functionality I was looking for, but the flexibility of each plugin was lacking a little and none of them meshed with the overall theme of the site.

I headed back to where I purchased the BigFeature theme, and then found my way to, which is another Envato marketplace.

After a very quick search, I found exactly what I was looking for: ThumbsUp. It offers a slick interface, six different templates to choose from, great documentation, an admin panel, and integration with WordPress. I quickly plopped down my $10 and installed it on

One of the things I like most about ThumbsUp is the ability to have it automatically generate a new record and place it at the beginning or end of a new post. It keeps things consistent, and I don’t have to remember it each time I publish a new post. I started out with small thumbs at the top of each post, but then decided to go with a larger function and place it after the post (which you can see below).

What do you think? Do you like how ThumbsUp looks here? Do you know of something better?

Note: If you like the interface of ThumbsUp, but prefer to roll your own package, you can purchase all of the graphics here.

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  1. considering this thumbs up plugin is NOWHERE on your site now, I’m guessing it worked out quite well for you. OR NOT.

  2. Nice article! Downloaded this plugin after reading and it works like a charm, thanks tim.

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